The Best Copying Tool For Xbox 360 Games

 Xbox 360 games are burnt onto dual-layer DVD's, meaning that if you have a DVD burner, you'll be should be able to copy all the games you want. However, because Microsoft have realized this, they have placed a lot of emphasis on keeping their games copyright protected. This has made it difficult to copy the games, but if you have the right tool, it's easy to do.

How To Copy / Backup Xbox Games
Copying an Xbox game is all about making a duplicate of the game disc, so you can play the backed up game rather than risk your own one that you paid top dollar for. To make backups / copies of games like this, you just need to be able to get your PC to duplicate the disc.
To do this, you just need to use a tool called imgBurn and the ISO and .DVD files from your computer to a blank disc. This is what's known as the "manual" method, and is where you first download imgBurn and then install it.
Once you have imgburn installed, you then need to get the .iso and .dvd files for the game you want to burn. These are either available from the Internet (as an illegal download) or from your original game disc. Either way, you need to get the .iso and .dvd files for your game. When you have them, you then need to then open the .dvd file and then copy the LAYER BREAK number that's in there.
This layer break number should then be pasted into the Optiuons area of imgburn, where it will have a text box that you can paste the number into.
When you're on that screen, you then need to pick the "Write Speed 4X" option to ensure maximum success rates for your copies, and then hit the "copy" button. This will burn your game a blank disc.
Which Is The Best Tool For This?
Although this tutorial sounds simple, there are a lot of problems that it might have, which makes having a tool or system which does it for you a top priority. Using a good powerful tool which allows you to mt5 copy trade software and play your Xbox 360 games, you can make as many back ups as you want. And having used several of the top systems, we've found that one called "Game Backup System" seems to work the best. This system allowed us to copy Xbox 360 games with the help of WxRipper.


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