Five Great Movie Sites That Run a Lot Better With Satellite Internet

  If you're living further away from town these days and still are as interested in ever in the latest films and blockbusters that are coming out across the country, then it can be disappointing to try and keep in touch with the news via dial-up. After all, streaming the latest high definition trailer is a whole lot more difficult if you try to do it through a phone line, and forget about loading image-heavy pages showing you the latest in film shoots from around the world. While technology has definitely progressed at a rate where you should be able to see any website from anywhere, sometimes the internet service providers in your region haven't. And that used to mean that rural cinephiles had to make due with dial-up, or just deal with it.

The addition of satellite internet as one of the numerous options for getting online these days means that you will be doing a whole lot better when it comes to streaming content or reading up on the filming process of your latest favorite film. Because satellite is able to move at the same speed that broadband does, streaming video is finally an option again, and loading files takes considerably less time and results in less frustration than in the days of dial-up.

Celebrate your switch to satellite internet and the ease that it brings by enjoying these five great movie sites, which simply work better when you have a faster connection. - As one of the most famous and well-known film critics in the country, Roger Ebert has given his opinion on films for decades now while still keeping people's respect. Whether it's finding the latest reviews of current releases to decide what's worth driving to town for or simply streaming one of his old lectures or trailers from days gone by, his official website is a great resource for film buffs.

The Internet Movie Database - Or IMDB for short. This is a one-stop resource for figuring out what is in production, what's out, what has just released a trailer, and who is working on which projects in development. It's the closest that the armchair critic can come to feeling like a professional, and also has a number of forums, so you can spend all day chatting away on your new speedy satellite internet connection while checking out the latest trailers.

Gawker - If you're a film purist, you're not going to find much use for the idle gossip being spread over at Gawker. But if you are as interested in the fame as you are the process behind the filmmaking, then this is an obvious next stop for your news involving celebrities big and small, currently hot and once-great but now second-rate. An interesting look at the world of Hollywood and beyond. - It's easy to get the most out of learning the craft of film by having a high-speed internet connection that allows you to explore every corner of, one of the most popular websites that lists everything from great filmmaking schools and books worth reading to events that might be in your area. Better for those interested in trying their hand at the craft than just those interested in watching classics.


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